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Attorney Mark Lee Levine to Teach at FIABCI University in DC, March 25, 2010

Mark Lee Levine of the law firm of Levine Segev LLC, will be teaching the International Real Estate Course, Global One, for individuals seeking the FIABCI International Real Estate Consultant (FIREC) designation.

FIABCI is the International Real Estate Federation, founded in 1949, and with its main office located in Paris.  FIABCI addresses all real estate disciplines, including real estate law, brokerage, appraisal, property development, and property management, among others.  Mark is a senior member of FIABCI, and serves as the Dean of all FIABCI Real Estate Education throughout the world.

To contact Mark Lee Levine, please go to /http://www.levinesegev.com/contact.php or email him at mark@levinesegev.com.

[Originally published at http://www.levinesegev.com/blog/2010/02/attorney-mark-lee-levine-to-teach-at-fiabci-university/]

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